Monday, March 19, 2012

College Student Resume Examples

Student resume examples can be found on the internet for various job openings and fields. The difference is in the way you present the different fields of interest and your contribution in school or college. You, as a student, have to show your interest in the subject through different ways. 

For example, if you are fond of fine arts and wish to apply for a course in this field you should write the following points in your resume:

  • Learnt pencil sketching.
  • Good in still drawing.
  • Have interest in shading.
  • Done embroidery for fashion designers.
  • Participated in inter collegiate competitions.
In short, you need to mention your interests in terms of proving something with such activities. Do not lie but mention whatever little you have done in the resume.

The employer is interested to know the actions you have taken in order to prove your interest. You write a resume when you apply for a job and thus you need to prove your mettle to the employer in the resume as well as interview. A good resume is a doorway to the interview room.

Employers look for ambitious and enthusiastic people when it comes to college students. 

The contents for the resume will be like any other resume, as follows:

  • Resume Objective.
  • Educational Summary.
  • Education Details.
  • Areas of Competence.
  • Outstanding Achievements.
  • Extra Activities.

This is how you should put your details in sequence. This will highlight everything an employer expects out of a freshman.

Which Format to Use?

The next obvious question is about the resume format for college student resume. Use the standard reverse chronological resume format. It has two basic advantages:

1.It is a standard format and it is easy to understand for the recruiters.
2.It has all the details in a chronological order, which leaves no scope for ambiguity and cross checking.

Dos and Don'ts:

Some dos and don'ts for making a student resume are given in the following:

  • Be confident in terms of using words to describe your abilities.
  • Do not paste or include a photograph in the resume.
  • Keep the resume strictly relevant and to the point.
  • Do not fiddle with the standard, plain and professional format of resume.
  • Do not tell about your failures.
  • Format it in a legible way.

If you just follow these simple tips, you can easily turn a college student resume into a competitive one.


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