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What Hobbies and Interests should you Include in your Resume?

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and Interests on Resume
You may not know what employer will see in your resume. Every section in CV is important and special attention must be given to each section of the resume. Hobbies and interest section on resume is one such important section. Employer will generally ask you at least one question about this section while going through your CV at the time of personal interview. This section is however optional in resume but including it will not harm the quality of your CV if the details are relevant to your applied job profile. Here we discuss the importance of listing hobbies and interests in your CV.
Significance of Hobbies and Interest in Resume :
This section in CV is important for the recent graduates and those applying for the first job. This section is present at the end of the CV. If the employer has already been unimpressed by the above details, he will surely not change his mind by going through your impressive hobbies and interests. But this does not mean that this section is not important. Using the job specific interests and action words can persuade the employer to change his mind.
The main goal of this section is to provide broader view to the employer. When you are listing your hobbies no need to list each and every hobby or interest. Mention only those which are related to your applied job position.
Your interest will show how efficient you can be. Person can always perform well in the job if the work profile is similar to his/her field of interest. Employers understand this thing and they will prefer the candidates with hobbies and interests matching the work profile of the applied job.
Interests in the resume should say positive things about you. They can also act as a proof of your transferable skills. For example, if your interest says that you like to manage a group of people, it will display your leadership quality and show that you are a good team player and hard-worker.
Hobbies and Interests to List in your Resume :
Interests and Hobbies

Be honest while including hobbies and interests in your CV. You will definitely not get noticed if you write the hobbies like eating, playing, sleeping, etc. You need to include some unique hobbies that are generally not found in every resume. Try to include the ones that can relate to your job profile. For example, you can include the hobbies like meeting new people, computing, gathering knowledge from internet, etc. Computer skills are necessary for almost every job. These hobbies will show that you are proficient in using computer and collecting the information. Also, it will show that you are a good communicator as you like to meet new people and setup new relations.
Examples :
When writing hobbies and interests in your CV, you can specify them instead of just mentioning as reading or writing. Following is an example of this section in a resume.
Example –
  • Reading – Like to read books on fiction. Read the books like ……., …….., ………, etc. Favorite authors are ……., …….., ………
  • Writing – Like to write short stories and poems. Have a personal blog which is updated regularly
Although this part is optional, it will surely add to your resume quality if the interests listed match your job requirements (see With little research, you will know the requirements of particular job and you can match your interests and hobbies to your applied job profile. 

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