Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is LinkedIn Resume Passing Up the Traditional Resume

No matter you are a full-time recruiter or a full-time job seeker, the argument about 'whether giving first preference to the resume or the LinkedIn profile' does hold a significant role in your vocational life.

With millions of recruiters pounding over LinkedIn to catch the best fishes, anyone desperately looking for a job wouldn't mind spending hours decorating their LinkedIn profiles. On the other side, the importance of a well crafted, professional resume cannot be ignored, as it does every bit to move up the candidate in a hard-boiled job competition.

So, what should be the take on this? LinkedIn or Resume? 

LinkedIn – The Hangout Place for Hiring Managers

Yes, it's true! Don't be surprised when you see hiring managers toggling through the candidates' LinkedIn profiles while sipping in the Cappuccino in a cafeteria, resting in corporate lounges, or simply sitting in a green park. LinkedIn is gradually overcoming the popularity of resume and tardily capturing that 'first preference' when it comes to a serious job search.

It won't be astonishing if those hands which initially screened the resumes for filtering deserving job applicants now first browse through the applicants' LinkedIn profiles. Today, the professionals working behind the resume reviewing procedures have become LinkedIn savvy and are preferring the popular social media horizontals to pluck the right individuals for their business requirements.

Besides, it makes sense to them to spend nothing for gathering quality information about the candidates through their online portfolios rather than shelling out a thousand dollars from the company's pocket to pay for the resume database providers.

Enhancing your LinkedIn

According to the national career coaches, an updated and impressive LinkedIn profile proudly announces professionalism and suitability for the appropriate job positions. Only 10% of the total LinkedIn profiles, as per a recent survey, are 100% complete. You can take this opportunity to outdo your tough competitors and uphold a remarkable status on the LinkedIn social-cum-business platform. BestSampleResume explains how important it is to draft an online resume for the technology savvy world.

All you need to do is to take care of a few points while maintaining your LinkedIn:

a. A formal head shot
b. A professional profile title that relates to your current employment status or expertise
c. An up-to-date summary of your entire career with qualifications, special skills, and experiences mentioned aptly
d. Highlighting relevant projects
e. Broadening your contact network and collecting endorsements

If you haven't created your LinkedIn portfolio yet then it's time that you consider this crucial job search element and acquire a ceaseless success in your career.

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