Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to make your customer service resume eye-catching?

Person working as a customer service representative has to provide number of services to the customers and resolve their queries. They should have a complete understanding of the subject and should be able to answer any query asked by the customer.
For working as a customer service executive, you need an impressive customer service resume that will highlight all your job specific skills and traits. 
For designing your application, you can also refer the customer service resume examples. These examples will give you complete idea of the details to be included in job applications. Now we will see how you can make your customer service resume impressive and attractive.
Writing an Impressive Customer Service Resume:
More impressive your resume, better are your chances of getting an interview call from the employer. During the interview, you can convince the employers to hire you for the job. Working in this position, you will have to handle numerous responsibilities. For this, you must possess broad range of skill set and list all the necessary skills in your application. Here are some important tips for making your customer service application impressive.
  • If you are an experienced candidate, list your past work experiences and qualifications. Mention the responsibilities you handled for every job position in past. You may not know what skills employer is expecting for the customer service job. Hence, try to include maximum job relevant skills and special accomplishments in your application. 
  • List the experiences in chronological order of importance. List the work responsibilities in bulleted points for better readability. Place these details under the position you have help in the past. Emphasize on the duties where you needed to regularly interact with the clients and solve their queries. Show the employers that you possess excellent set of interpersonal skills.

  • Transferable skills are most important for customer service job. Also, don’t forget to mention your computer skills in your application. You will be assisting the client with different application and database software; hence, you should possess excellent computer skills to provide such assistance. 
  • If you hold the job specific technical knowledge, you can list it under separate section. Make different sub categories and include the information in the corresponding sections. List all the operating systems you are familiar using and knowledge of different database tools.
One more thing you can do to make your application eye catching is to choose an appropriate format. Most job seekers prefer chronological format for listing the details in their application. This format will make the details readable and easily catch an eye of the recruiter. Also go through some customer service resume examples to get more understanding on writing such resumes.


  1. We can make resume eye -catching by writing by resume/Cv according to the job need. I am feeling really happy after finding your blog.

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  2. Thanks Ruby.I agree on your point that resume should be written according to the job needs. Also we should keep our resume updated and make changes according to the skills that the recruiters demand from the candidate.

  3. I feel you can't keep on changing the resume for the job, some times you have few skills and the job requires few more which are totally new in the same sector, though you have updated it become very hard to face the interview, so its better stick with the same skills and update if you have them..thanks!@boseCustomer Service Manager Job Responsibilities

  4. I am looking for tips to write a customer service resume. Here I got very nice tips to write a customer service resume.