Monday, October 3, 2011

Update Your Resume-Why is it important to update your resume each time you apply?

Whenever you begin your career or start it after a long employment gap, you need a resume to get the desired job opportunity. Resume is the must whether you start your career or you switch your field of work. It will give the overview of your details to the employer so that they can consider you for the applied position. It is not only important to write a job specific resume, but it is also equally important to update your resume from time to time. Doing this you can always tell the employer about your recent skills and fresh knowledge. If this knowledge and skills are exactly required for the applied position, your chances of getting shortlisted are doubled. Also you should include attention grabbing words in your resume to make your resume more note-worthy .
Importance of Resume
Everyone knows that resume is the promotional document to help employers know about the candidate. It comprises different sections like job history, career objective, credentials, accomplishments, awards, certifications, etc. Every section in resume will present the significant information from the point of view of getting attention from the employer . You may not know what the employer will see in your resume; hence it is necessary to focus on the entire resume details. It will showcase your existing skills and knowledge and explain to them why you are suitable for the position.
When you make an application, employer knows nothing about you. Going through your resume, he will get the overview of your career. It is the only means by which employer will know about you and your existing skills. It states all your past work experiences and tells the employer about how you overcome the arising tricky situation with your job effective skills. 

Need of Updating the Resume:
When you are working in any organization, everyday you are learning new things. Your work experience increases every day. If you have prepared resume long ago, your recent work details and learned skills will not be present in this resume. It may happen that these are the skills required for your prospective job. Sending the old resume not describing these newly learnt skills may not show your resume in the best of light and eventually you will not get interview call from employer. Hence, it is necessary to regularly update your resume every time you make a job application. Know how to conquer stress that follows us in an interview.
Every time you want to apply for the job, you must prepare the resume including all your recently learned skills and knowledge. Prepare the resume keeping in mind the requirements of the position you are applying for. If your learned skills are not matching the job requirements, there are various universal skills that are common for all jobs. You can describe these skills in your CV and explain to the employer how these skills can benefit the organization.
Updating your resume is a way to reassess your strengths and include any recent accomplishments that are not listed currently. While updating your resume, make sure that it is easily scan-able and not just readable.
 Take reference of the sample content editor  resume for more details about how to write a resume.

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