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Dress For Success-What to wear to an interview??

interview dress

Job Interview Dresses

You should have pleasant appearance when you are appearing for the personal interview. It leaves a first impression on the potential employer and it should be a lasting one. When you enter the interview room, interviewer will initially see your attire and make a judgment about your appearance. Hence, it is important to dress up professionally whenever you appear for any interview. Here are some interview tips for selecting proper attire for interviews.

Attire for Interviews:

Whenever you appear for the interview for any job, it is important to dress professionally. Formal dressing is always recommended for the interviews no matter even if your prospective office environment allows casual dressing. You need to create an initial impression on the employer and proper dressing is the best way to create a positive impact on the minds of the interviewers before starting your communication.
Which is the best attire for the interviews? There is no such perfect dress code for the interviews. Yu must wear the dress that looks formal and perfect on you and most importantly you should feel comfortable in it.
Following are some ideas on dressing for your job interview.

Interview Dressing for Men:
interview dresses for men

  • Suit (or even a formal long sleeves shirt preferably white)-
A candidate wearing a suit will obviously make a better impact on the employer than the candidate wearing a jeans and a t-shirt. Depending on the position you are applying for, you can wear a suit or just a plain, light color full sleeves shirt. Suit is recommended when you are applying for a managerial level or executive level positions.  
  • Dark Color formal pant-
A dark color pant always suits well on a plain, light color formal shirt.
  • Belt-
Using a belt will enhance your personality and provide you better appearance.
  • Tie (optional)-
Tie is optional and it can be used depending on the interest of the candidate.
  • Leather shoes and dark color socks-
Use either black or brown color well polished leather shoes.
  • A neatly set hair (professional hairstyle)-
Set your hair properly with the gel or comb it neatly.  
  • Clean shave-
Clean shave is must before the personal interview.
  • Use mild perfume or deodorant-
  • Trimmed nails.
  • Folder or a briefcase for documents.
Do not carry the bundle of documents. Carry the necessary documents and organize them properly in a folder or a briefcase.
Interview Attire for Women:
interview dresses for women
  • Dark color suit.
  • Skirt should be long enough to sit comfortably.
  • Matching blouse.
  • Professional shoes.
  • Limited jewelry.
  • Decent hairstyle.
  • Light makeup.
  • Apply mild perfume or deodorant.
  • Manicure and clean the nails properly.
  • Carry a folder or briefcase for holding the documents.

What are the things that should be avoided during the interview?
  • Chewing gum.
  • Mobile phones.
  • I-pod.
  • Soft drinks, tea, or coffee.
  • Cover the body tattoos, if any.
  • Piercings should be either removed or hidden.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Attire:
-When you are expecting to go to an interview, make sure you have an appropriate dress for the interview. The dress should be decent and formal. For men, light color formal, full sleeves shirt and dark color formal pant can be the perfect attire. You can also use a tie on it. The dress should be properly washed and ironed.

-Get the clothes ready a night before appearing for the interview. Keep all the things in place so that you don’t miss out anything in a hurry. Remember to carry a handkerchief and watch while going to the interview. Polish your shoes.

-Use a mouth freshener or a breath mint before you enter the building or the interview room.

All these tips will help in enhancing your personality and improving your appearance when you are appearing for the interview.

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