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Achievements and Accomplishments-How To List Them On Resume To Leave An Impressive Mark

Achievements and Accomplishments
How to effectively list achievements and accomplishments on resume to make an impressive mark?

Resume is the document for promoting you in the job market and hence it should impress the employer at first sight. For this, it is important to include the details exactly as expected by the employers. You need to make sufficient research to know the expectations of employers and include them accordingly in your CV. There are various sections in a resume and all these parts are equally important. Here we discuss the importance of listing key achievements in your CV. Going through the abstract you will know how this section helps you in getting to the job interview.  

Achievements in Resume :
Achievement or accomplishments are the short term goals that you have achieved in your previous jobs. Any recognition received from the employers can also fall in the category of achievements. Accomplishment is a significant part of your CV. It explains the employer about your contribution towards the organization and tells them that you are worth as an employee. The credentials and experiences in resume tell to the employer what you are capable of while the accomplishments in CV will tell the employer about how you used your capabilities to achieve the particular feat. Including this section is very important as it increases your chances of getting an interview call.
Now as you know the importance of this part in your CV, you must know how to include it in the CV. There are certain things that should be included and excluded. Hence, know them to make this part informative and attention grabbing.

Achievements can be categorized as professional and academic (see BSR). You can include both these types in your CV.

The professional achievements may include:
  • Exceeding the assigned work targets
  • Received best employee or best performer award Attendance awards
  • Planning and implementing the policies successfully
Academic achievements may include:
  • Awards for Best Student of the year
  • Awards for scoring highest marks in any particular subject or overall performance in an year
  • For conducting the projects, seminars, workshops, etc., exceptionally
  • For winning different interschool/ intercollegiate competitions

There is specific format for presenting these details in your CV. If you are writing an achievement based CV, you need to follow this format. Else, you can just list your achievements in a descriptive manner.

Format for Listing Achievements :
Your accomplishments are divided in three sections to provide better idea of your capabilities to the potential employer.
[This part includes the details of what all you aimed to achieve working in the position. Talk of the responsibilities assigned to you]
[Talk about the efforts you took for completing the assigned task]
[Provide the end result of your efforts. Explain them to what extent you were successful in completing the assigned task. Also tell how your efforts benefit the organization]

Accomplishments in resume should include all these three sentences. However, this will affect the length of your CV, you can use this format when you have less or irrelevant work experience or you are switching your job field.

This section is usually present after the work experience section in the resume. Knowing the basic tips for writing these details, you can impress the employers by listing your achievements in an impressive way.

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