Friday, February 17, 2012

Resume Examples and Tips for Experienced Professionals

The resume for experienced candidate is surely different from that  of a fresher applicant. If you are writing for an experienced candidate, you need to keep certain things in mind. For an experienced resume, you need to focus on your past work history and explain to the employer about the job responsibilities you handled during these employments. You can refer resume examples for experienced professionals for designing your application. Going through the examples, you will get complete idea on writing this type of applications.

resume example for experienced candidates

Resume Tips for Experienced Professionals:

Here are some tips for writing the resume for an experienced professional. With these tips, you can create a perfect job application that will make a positive impact on the employer and get you the job opportunity.

  • Use chronological resume format for writing  experienced resume. If you have experience in similar field, this format is best for presenting your details.

  • Your work history and educational details are presented in reverse order of chronology. Your most recent work experience is listed first. 

  • You can give the details like name of the employer/ company, location, job title, employment dates, and work responsibilities. After your most recent experience details, list the next recent experience details. 

  • If you are highly experienced professional with lots of jobs in past, you do not require to provide details of all your past jobs. Only give the information about the recent three employments. 

  • Same is the case with education section in your application. This section should also be written in reverse chronological order

  • Give the details of your most recent degree in the beginning and then the next degrees. Provide the name of your college/university and year of passing the degree. 

  • Use a compelling objective statement for your CV. It should convince the employer about your suitability for working in the applied position. 

  • You have to list your major accomplishments in your objective statement and explain to the employer how these can help you to work efficiently in your prospective profile. It is the most important section in the resume as employer will read it  immediately after he opens your application. 

  • With a powerful objective statement, reader will be forced to go through the entire resume and call you for the personal interview to know more about your qualifications and traits. 

  • One more thing you can do to design an impressive application is to refer the example of resume for experienced professionals These examples will show you how to present the details effectively in your application and how you can create a positive an impact on the recruiter. 

All these tips together will help you in designing a perfect application for experienced candidate. You can take help of best resume writers to help you draft your resume.

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